• CEC is a dual-track program: one track for camp directors responsible for developing and leading the camp’s vision, and the other for senior camp educators responsible for designing the educational frameworks and programs that implement this vision.
  • CEC brings these two professionals from the same overnight camp together for a uniquely collaborative yet professionally distinct learning experience to ensure that learning is enculturated through a partnership that primes the camp for success.
  • While each track has a distinct approach, they overlap for joint learning and planning for integration and application at camp. The tracks will convene at the same time and place.


  • CEC is about shaping experiences at overnight camp, providing training that illuminates the choreography, architecture and design of the summer experience.
  • CEC offers new ways of thinking about education, focusing on both incorporation and implementation. It helps participants deepen their educational vision and provides them with methods to actualize this vision.
  • CEC is multidisciplinary in its approach. It explores how neuroscience, anthropology, social work, and experiential design can enrich and expand the camp experience.
  • CEC coaches have expertise in developmental and educational psychology. Throughout the duration of the program, their role is to help participants of both tracks constantly consider how to apply learnings with a better understanding of the campers’ background.
  • CEC is a shared learning experience with peer-led opportunities, allowing participants to explore the relationship between education and recreation, and how Jewish values can encompass all aspects of camp culture.
  • CEC provides camp directors and camp educators with separate and joint spaces for application and experimentation, along with opportunities to explore the practical implications of change and growth.


Camp Educators Cohort is comprised of three, four-day seminars over a period of 10 months.



What is the cost of the program?

Thanks to the generosity of the AVI CHAI Foundation, the tuition for Camp Educators Cohort is $1,800 + $180 registration fee per person. The total cost to a camp is $3,960 for both participants.

What are the seminar dates for Camp Educators Cohort?

Both tracks (directors and educators) convene at the same time in the same place.
December 16-19, 2018, San Diego, CA
April 1 – 4, 2019, Greensboro, NC
September 23 – 26, 2019, New York, NY


How will the program impact my work at camp?

We highly value workplace integration and place a heavy emphasis on this throughout the program. As such, we have designed CEC as a double cohort with both directors and Jewish educators from a camp to ensure the most impactful application in your camp environment. Each camp will benefit from personal coaching to support the impact of CEC at camp

Is there one application for both the director and the Jewish educator?

The application is a two-step process. The director will apply and indicate who the Jewish educator is and then the Jewish educator will be sent a separate application to complete as part of the process


What if my camp only has a seasonal educator, can we still apply? And what if my camp only has a director OR a Jewish educator who can participate in CEC, can we still apply?

Please reach out to Michelle Lackie,, to discuss.

What are the eligibility requirements for Camp Educators Cohort?

CEC targets overnight camps, not individuals. As such, eligibility requires both the full-time camp director as well as the full-time person responsible for educational vision and implementation at camp. (While M2 recognizes there are many different titles for the latter – Jewish Life Director, Jewish Educator, Rosh Chinuch, etc. – we will refer to this person as Jewish educator throughout the application process.) Participating camps must be in North America.

Who are the ideal candidates?

The ideal candidates are full-time, open to learning from a diverse faculty and excited to learn in an intense cohort environment.

What is the attendance policy? Will I have to leave my home/family for the duration of the seminars?

We have a strict attendance policy and expect that our participants be present at all seminars, at all times. This includes staying at the hotel even if we are located in your home city.

Do I need a strong background in Jewish texts to apply?


What should I expect in terms of Jewish practice?

The educational theories and practices imparted are relevant to educators regardless of their denominational or religious background. CEC will benefit from the diverse backgrounds of all its participants. If you have further questions about the program environment, please contact us.

Who teaches CEC?

CEC is facilitated by cross-disciplinary experts, M2 core faculty and with additional participant coaching support from educational psychologists. See here for faculty from other M2 programs.

Are there additional requirements aside from attending the seminars?

Our program requires the completion of brief written reflections and assignments, readings before each seminar, as well as participation in coaching meetings. You should expect to designate a maximum of 4-5 hours per month to complete these requirements. We expect that our participants hand in all assignments in a timely fashion.

I don’t work in the United States, may I still apply?

Unfortunately, CEC is only open to camps in North America. If you are interested in learning about what else M2 offers, please click here.

What does tuition include?

In addition to participation in the program itself, tuition covers travel within North America (up to $400 per seminar) , double occupancy hotel room and meals during seminars and additional seminar-related expenses. Tuition does not cover transportation to/from airports, or baggage fees.

Is financial aid available?

Thanks to the generosity of the AVI CHAI Foundation, M2 is able to offer a very low tuition rate which represents a small portion of the actual cost of the program. There is no scholarship fund available for CEC. If you have further questions, please contact Michelle directly, here.

How can my camp apply?

The director of a camp can apply here