• CEC creates a unique space for collaboration and shared learning: camp directors responsible for developing and leading the camp’s vision and their senior camp educator (often the assistant camp director or program director) responsible for designing the educational frameworks and programs that implement this vision.
  • Through a joint learning experience and time to plan for integration and application at camp, CEC ensures learning is enculturated through staff partnership that primes the camp for success.


  • CEC is about shaping experiences at overnight camp, providing training that illuminates the choreography, architecture and design of the summer experience.
  • CEC offers new ways of thinking about education, focusing on both incorporation and implementation. It helps participants deepen their educational vision and provides them with methods to actualize this vision.
  • CEC is multidisciplinary in its approach. It explores how neuroscience, anthropology, social work, and experiential design can enrich and expand the camp experience.
  • CEC is a shared learning experience with peer-led opportunities, allowing participants to explore the relationship between education and recreation, and how Jewish values can encompass all aspects of camp culture.


Camp Educators Cohort is now closed.