M² Design of Immersive Experiences Circle

Drawing from a range of disciplines including anthropology, architecture and narrative psychology, M² Design of Immersive Experiences Circle equips educators and practioners with the clarity, precision and skill necessary for the successful creation and implementation of Jewish immersive experiences .


IE Circle is composed of three independent stand-alone experiences, each devised to arm educators and practitioners with clarity, precision and skill necessary for the successful creation and implementation of Jewish immersive experiences.

Combining insights and tools from diverse fields along with M²’s signature educational approach, each of the three seminars will expose participants to cutting-edge models of educational design, as well as pedagogic principles drawn from Jewish wisdom.

Each seminar includes uniquely designed lab environments, facilitated by world-class educators, for participants to experiment with – and begin mastering – their newly acquired learnings and have the opportunity to apply the content to the design of their own programs.

Limited to 20 educators per gathering, participants may apply for one, two or all three seminars; registration by application only.



Narrative Design for Immersive Experiences

March 3 – 7, 2019, San Diego

Harness the power of narrative and genre to create captivating and meaningful educational initiatives.

Immersive experiences can be designed to unfold as compelling narratives, in which learners are at the center of the drama. Integrating current research and cutting-edge approaches from the fields of storytelling, filmmaking and the core principles of genre, this seminar provides participants with the tools, skills and creative space to transform educational programs by mastering the foundations of narrative design. Additionally, participants will learn how well curated program arcs inform the process of narrative identity.

Key benefits:

  • Enhance your ability diversify and bring color to the programs you design.
  • Learn how the interchanging building blocks of narrative can provide a range of options for program design.
  • Gain key concepts in genre-based storytelling to enhance varied educational outcomes.
  • Harness the power of ‘self-authorship’ to enable your learners to form their own compelling personal narratives.



May 19 – 23, 2019, New York

Master core principles in architecture and design to boost the impact of educational experiences

Educational immersive experiences often follow familiar paradigms and routines. Yet the structure, sequence and rhythm of a program can significantly enhance its impact, and mastering these can provide educators with a new lens for educational design.

With New York City as a backdrop, and guided by architects and educators, this seminar is a live exploration and analysis of how spatial design and core principles in architecture can influence the process of educational immersion, providing participants with practical frameworks and a fresh set of tools to enhance and transform experiential education.

Key benefits:

  • Examine how core elements in architecture and design can enhance various types of educational experiences.
  • Harness the talents of cross-disciplinary experts to introduce innovative strategies into familiar programs.
  • Learn how the rituals, peak moments and rhythms of educational programs can help you achieve a heightened impact.
  • Through live experimentation, infuse your practice with a brand-new set of cutting-edge skills, tools and educational frameworks.



September 22 – 26, 2019, New York

Enhance your ability to facilitate the processes of growth and change

A well-designed educational experience is greater than the sum of its parts. When carefully facilitated, it induces growth and change, and provides learners with opportunities for personalized meaning making.

Designed in partnership with psychologists and neuroscientists, this seminar provides participants with a broad range of strategies that can help their learners process transformative educational experiences and examine – through case studies and role-plays – how facilitation techniques impact the processes of identity formation.

Key benefits:

  • Develop educational processing skills that enhance capacities for change and growth.
  • Learn to design educational environments that enable flow, aha-moments and peak experiences.
  • Enhance your ability to shape the emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual arcs of your programs.
  • Refine facilitation strategies and that enable the development of meaning-making and enhanced agency.


M² Circles: The Design of Immersive Experiences is ideal for educators and program designers (of students of all ages) seeking to enhance their ability to create, facilitate and lead educational immersive experiences that are at least 2 days or longer.

IE Circle is open to multiple registrants from the same organization.


Thanks to the generous support of the Jim Joseph Foundation, tuition for IE Circle is highly subsidized. Tuition rates are as follows:
One IE Circle Two IE Circles Three IE Circles
Tuition $475 $950 $1,425
Registration Fee $100 $200 $300
Total Cost $575 $1,150 $1,725
Discount $0 -$175 -$350
Discounted Total $575 $975 $1,375
Participants attending two or more Design of Immersive Experiences Circles are eligible for free consulting hours with M² (two Circles = four consulting hours; three Circles = six consulting hours).

Contact us to find out more about upcoming Circles!