• IE Circle is composed of three independent stand-alone experiences, each devised to arm educators and practitioners with clarity, precision and skill necessary for the successful creation and implementation of Jewish immersive experiences.
  • Combining insights and tools from diverse fields along with M²’s signature educational approach, each of the three seminars will expose participants to cutting-edge models of educational design, as well as pedagogic principles drawn from Jewish wisdom.
  • Each seminar includes uniquely designed lab environments, facilitated by world-class educators, for participants to experiment with – and begin mastering – their newly acquired learnings and have the opportunity to apply the content to the design of their own programs.
  • Limited to 20 educators per gathering, participants may apply for one, two or all three seminars; registration by application only.




To apply for M² Design of Immersive Experiences Circle, please complete this application.


What is the cost of the program?

Thanks to the generous support of the Jim Joseph Foundation, tuition for IE Circle is highly subsidized. Tuition rates are as follows:

One IE Circle Two IE Circles Three IE Circles
Tuition $475 $875 $1275
Registration Fee $100 $100 $100
Discount $0 $175 $375
TOTAL COST $575 $975 $1375

How do M2 consulting hours work?

Depending upon the number of IE Circles one completes, M2 will offer a set number of consulting hours to the participant and/or the organization. Consulting hours must be completed within one year of the IE Circle end date.

Two IE Circles Three IE Circles
4 consulting hours 6 consulting hours

Is there a benefit for me to participate in more than one IE Circle?

There are two major benefits for you participating in multiple IE Circles.
1. The content is designed to be layered from one Circle to the next; thus, participating in more than one Circle will provide a full and deep understanding of immersive experience design along with an array of skills, tools and language to apply to one’s work.

2. Those completing two or more IE Circles will be eligible for free consulting hours with M2 consulting is a core part of M2 offerings and we are happy to share our expertise with you. Consulting hours can be used for 1:1 coaching for the IE Circle participant or as immersive experience program design consulting for the participant and/or organization.

If I only participate in one IE Circle, does it have to be the first?

No, you can apply for any of the IE Circles without having participated in the one prior. For example, you can apply for IE Circle #3 without having participated in IE Circle #1 or #2.

Do I have to participate in all three IE Circles?

No, you can participate in one, two or all three IE Circles. Each IE Circle is stand-alone, meaning there are distinct goals and outcomes for each one.

Can more than one person from my organization apply?


Who is eligible to apply?

IE Circle is targeted at professionals who design and/or implement immersive experiences and/or develop the vision, goals and outcomes for immersive experiences.

How do you define Immersive Experience?

An immersive experience is designed as a stand-alone experience that encompasses a span of time, takes place in a location different than that of the everyday, has a clear intention and purpose tied to an organization’s mission, is designed to achieve growth or change in the participants, and while the experience may impact individuals it is designed in the context of a community of people.

I’m interested, how do I apply?

Easy! Use this link.

For more information contact Michelle Lackie, here.

What is the attendance policy? Will I have to leave my home/family for the duration of IE Circle?

We have a strict attendance policy and expect that participants be present at IE Circle at all times, from the opening through to closing. There will be some free time in the evenings.

I don’t work in the United States, am I eligible?

IE Circle is open to professionals working with North Americans. There are no additional scholarship funds available for non-North Americans.

What happens if I decide to join another IE Circle after I completed one, but hadn’t applied?

Since you will know the theme of each IE Circle in advance, we encourage you to apply for multiple Circles from the beginning. We expect each Circle to hit maximum capacity in the initial registration, however, if there is space available, you will be able to apply for an additional IE Circle.

Is financial aid available?

Tuition for IE Circle is highly subsidized, thanks to the generosity of the Jim Joseph Foundation. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Is travel included in the tuition?

No, travel is not included. Each participant is responsible for arranging and paying the cost of travel to and from the IE Circle site.

What does tuition include?

Tuition covers the cost of the program to the participant, double occupancy lodging, all meals during IE Circles and any additional seminar-related expenses.

For additional questions or more information please contact Michelle.