Can we unearth new Jewish ways of teaching and learning that will allow us to be more thoughtful, creative, and relevant practitioners?

M² invites outstanding Jewish educators to explore, design, test, and produce new pedagogies in a paid eight-month fellowship. Fellows will research and develop Jewish pedagogies that engage the emotional, spiritual, physical, or intellectual realms to address today’s challenges.

How You Will Grow

Explore Pedagogies

Research and develop a pedagogy that is rooted in Jewish practice and relevant today.

Develop New Educational Practices

Develop educational practices and create new resources to share with educators.

Learn in a Supportive Community

Become part of a community that challenges you, supports you, and that turns learning into love.

Make a Difference

Share your research and educational resources with the field at large to influence the ways that Jewish educators teach.


The Jewish Pedagogies Research Fellowship seeks to:

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Jewish Pedagogies FAQ

The application deadline is November 21, 2021.

We expect fellows to participate in all aspects of this program. However, you can miss up to 2 sessions when unexpected things come up.

We believe in creating ideologically pluralistic spaces. We will have participants of all backgrounds.

By the end of the fellowship, fellows will produce one written research paper of five pages on their pedagogy and they will create one educational resource based on their pedagogy. 

In order to create lasting impact, fellows are asked to produce the following: 

  • A research paper on their pedagogy that explores its need, its roots in Jewish tradition, its worldview, and related practices. See here for examples. 
  • Recorded observations and field notes about learners engaging in their pedagogy.
  • An educational resource related to their pedagogy. Explore alumni work here.

After the completion of the Jewish Pedagogies Research Fellowship, fellows will share their work with the larger Jewish educational field during an online symposium that they will help develop. Please find information about our previous symposium here.

This program is open to Jewish Educators across the globe, able to meet during mid-day ET.

The fellowship is designed for you to take time to reflect on yourself as an educator. You will also be working with the faculty members, who are immersed in the world of pedagogy and can help you become even more articulate about educational practices and pedagogies.

Fellows will receive $5,000 over the course of the fellowship. Half of the stipend will be paid upon submission of the research paper and the other half after the submission of the resource. 


Applications are due on November 24, 2021.

Interviews will take place during the week of December 6-9, 2021.

To learn more, please sign up for one of our information sessions for M² Research Fellowships

November 9, 2021

12-1pm ET

November 10, 2021

3-4pm ET

Eligibility Requirements

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Shuki Taylor

M² Founder and CEO
Shuki Taylor is the founder and CEO of M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education. Previously, Shuki served as director of Service Learning and Experiential Education at Yeshiva University, where he founded the Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education and a range of programs mobilizing college students to serve underprivileged communities worldwide. Shuki has lived in Israel, New York, and South Africa. A Schusterman Fellow, Shuki studied Jewish philosophy, education, and scriptwriting and currently lives in Jerusalem with his wife, Natalie, their four children, and their dog, Rocky.
Mollie Andron

Mollie Andron

Lead Faculty, M² Senior Program Director, Cohorts and Fellowships
Mollie has over 10 years experience teaching in a variety of Jewish educational settings – from formal classroom teaching to nature education, theatre education to collaborative philanthropy education. She enjoys being in the field as well as building programs and trainings to support others. Mollie holds a double Masters in Midrash and Jewish Experiential Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary, a BA in Religion from Bard College, and is a graduate of M²’s Senior Educators Cohort. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and daughter.

Channah Pinchasi

Deputy Director, Be'eri and Director of Be’eri School for Teacher Education
Dr. Channa Pinchasi is Deputy Director of Be’eri and Director of the Be’eri School for Teacher Education at the Shalom Hartman Institute.She is a member of the inaugural graduating class of the Institute’s Maskilot program. She received her PhD in gender studies from Bar-Ilan University, where her thesis offered a feminist interpretation of Midrash Eicha Rabba.

The M² Research Fellowships are generously funded by the Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah.  

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