M² Labs

M² Community Labs are constructed to enhance the design and practice of a group of educators developing experiential Jewish education programs. Created for local communities, Labs provide an opportunity for educators to access M² pedagogy, learn new skills and directly apply the new knowledge to their own program design.



Typically, field-based educators who have the most face time with learners also have the least time, resources and access for planning their work. They are running from program to program, from meeting to meeting, and the thought of pausing to plan, vision and explore new ideas and tools seems like an impossible luxury.

M² Community Labs enable educators to collaboratively design and practice educational programs while receiving immediate feedback from experts and peers. Fostering a communal space for professionals to convene and learn with and from each other, each lab is composed of four stages:


Participants are exposed to tools and frameworks for the design of experiential programs, and to the Jewish ideas that can illuminate them.


Utilizing custom-made blueprints for program design, participants collaborate with peers and M² experts to workshop their programs and redesign them from start to finish.


Participants present and receive live feedback for their programs while gaining structured and focused feedback from both the community of peers and from M² experts.


M2 Community Labs typically include three 2-day-long gatherings, with each gathering designed to build on the previous one, ultimately forming an ongoing community of practice.


To bring M² Labs to your community or organization, contact Clare Goldwater