Over the course of three, five-day convenings, participants gain exposure to signature educational pedagogies, multidisciplinary perspectives and cutting-edge methods that enable them to articulate, refine and sharpen their practice as experiential Jewish educators, all in an immersive cohort environment.

SEC employs a vast range of educational styles so that participants are constantly challenged by engaging in a range of cognitive, emotional and tactile learning experiences, led by a diverse faculty with various areas of expertise.

Utilizing modalities deeply rooted in experiential education theory, SEC participants are provided with opportunities to continuously experiment with their learnings and engage in processes that enable them to make personal meaning and reach new-found understandings as a result.





  • SEC participants are encouraged to explore how their talent, passion and values align with their educational vision and intersect with their day-to-day practice.

Workplace Integration

  • SEC offers participants workplace integration coaching, enabling them to frame their learnings so they are context-specific and directly applicable to their day-to-day practice.

Cohort Experience

  • Utilizing and modeling innovative facilitation strategies, SEC places a strong emphasis on the cohort experience, encouraging participants to collaborate with one another and cultivate peer-driven communities.


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For more information and to request an application email info@ieje.org.

M² Senior Educators Cohort is generously supported by the Maimonides Fund.


What is the application deadline?

Applications for SEC 5 are due by February 27, 2020.

What is the attendance policy? Will I have to leave my home/family for the duration of the seminars?

We take our learning seriously and therefore expect that our participants be present at all seminars, at all times. In order to create the most optimal learning cohort experience, we also ask that participants stay onsite. This includes staying at the provided accommodations even if we are located in your home city.

What should I expect in terms of Jewish practice?

M² trains diverse Jewish professionals who come from all over the world and have varying approaches to Jewish life and practice. Our curriculum also reflects a plurality of Jewish voices and perspectives. If you have further questions about the program environment, please contact us.

Are there additional requirements aside from attending the seminars?

Our program requires the completion of brief written reflections and assignments, readings before each seminar, as well as participation in educator support calls. You should expect to designate a maximum of 4-5 hours per month to complete these requirements. We expect that our participants hand in all assignments in a timely fashion.

I don’t work in North America, can I still apply?

People outside of North America are welcome and encouraged to apply for Senior Educators Cohort. M2 will provide up to a total of U.S. $1,200 for international travel; participants will be required to pay any travel costs that exceed $1,200.

What does tuition include?

In addition to participation in the program itself, tuition covers travel within North America (up to $400 per seminar), double occupancy hotel room and meals during seminars, and any additional seminar-related expenses. Tuition does not cover transportation to/from airports, additional airline fees or baggage fees.

What are the seminar dates for the next Senior Educators Cohort?

Please see the SEC dates section for full information.

Who are the ideal candidates?

We believe that experiential Jewish education is not limited to a single Jewish educational setting or personality. Program participants include professionals working in day schools, camps, community centers, youth and teen programs, synagogues, federations, college campuses and other Jewish organizations.

How do I apply?

To apply, email info@ieje.org and they will follow-up within 24 hours with an application.

When will the application be open for the next SEC?

Applications for SEC 5 will open January 2020.

Do I need a strong background in Jewish texts to apply?

All you need is an openness to learning in an inclusive and pluralistic environment.

How will the program impact my work?

We highly value workplace integration and place a heavy emphasis on this throughout the program including providing access to M2 staff for workplace integration and application conversations. In addition, we require that your current work supervisor acknowledge your participation in SEC. We offer to work with you and your supervisor/organization on an individual basis to help you create a strategy for integrating the program’s teachings within your workplace.

Who teaches SEC?

SEC is facilitated by cross-disciplinary experts, Mcore faculty and advisors through educator support. See here for faculty from other M2 programs (subject to change).

Is financial aid available?

Thanks to the generosity of the Maimonides Fund, M2 is able to offer a subsidized tuition rate which represents only a portion of the actual cost of the program. In addition, matching funds are available through our Workplace Integration program. For each $1,000 tuition payment by an employing organization, M2 will provide a discount of $400, up to $1,200. There is also limited scholarship funding available. If you have further questions, please contact Mollie directly, mollie@ieje.org.

What is the cost of the program?

Thanks to the generosity of the Maimonides Fund, the tuition for Senior Educators Cohort is U.S. $4,200 + $300 registration fee per person.

What are the eligibility requirements for Senior Educators Cohort?

To be eligible for SEC you must be a full-time Jewish educator with a minimum of eight years of relevant field experience and an undergraduate degree.

Interested in SEC 5?

Email info@ieje.org and share your name, title, organization and number of years experience and we’ll get back to you shortly.

You will receive an application from M² within one business day.