This coming Jewish year is a shmita – a sabbatical year. Traditionally, shmita is a time to rest, reflect, and recharge. At M², we have made a logistically complex and absolutely necessary decision to observe the month of Tishrei as a Shmita Month. Please read on to learn about our upcoming Recharge and Reset “Shmita Month,” an internal M² initiative for our staff that we encourage other organizations to explore, consider, or even adopt. 

How will M² observe the Recharge and Reset “Shmita Month”? 

This will be a time for us to reset and re-energize. We will shut down our offices and work through the High Holiday season and the entire month of September. 

Why take a Shmita month?

It has been an extraordinarily difficult year. COVID-19 has changed the world and permanently altered our lives and the lives of those we love. We have lived in uncertainty and isolation for a long time, and its effect on our mental and physical health is undeniable.

However, there was light amid the darkness. M²‘s mission was as relevant as it had ever been, and, together with our partners, we provided programs, resources, and support for experiential Jewish educators and their learners.

Our work is vital and in order to continue doing it well, our team needs time to rest. We look forward to our “Shmita Month” – and we eagerly anticipate returning to our mission with renewed purpose and focus.

How can I participate? 

We hope you, your learners, and your organization might consider and explore how you might observe your own sabbatical. We hope you’ll find time for a break this year, and we wish each of you rest and renewal.