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An Experiential Approach to Tisha B’Av: Action Leads to Feeling

Tisha B’Av is parallel to the avelut period of personal mourning, but in an inverse way. In both cases, our actions create emotional states. Similarly, by practicing actions that reflect our guiding values, even if they don’t reflect our current feelings, we can work to create a society with a sense of justice and ethical propriety.

Changing the Conversation about Camp Counselors: Recognizing Professional Growth Opportunities at Camp

“Being a camp counselor is like a crash course in human-centered design, where it is your job to deeply listen and understand the wants and needs and desires of your audience, and then curate experiences that meet them where they're at and support their growth and development,” said Mintz. “This is holy and sacred and really critical work.”

Inspiring Organizational Change: Redefining prayer at Northwestern

“When we're holding services, are we really praying? Are we praying when we’re observing holidays on campus? Are these events truly spiritual experiences? And what does sanctity mean in terms of space, place, and time during the college experience?” 18x18 Fellow Rabbi Jessica Lott asked herself and her students some tough questions and began igniting organizational change at Northwestern Hillel.
August, 2021

The Jewish Pedagogies Project Concept Paper

The Jewish Pedagogies Project calls for Jewish education to become a discipline that adopts particular Jewish ways of educating by exploring what a Jewish Pedagogy might be. Serving as the foundation for our Jewish Pedagogies Circle, this publication outlines our approach to Jewish pedagogies by offering definitions, qualifiers, and a set of sample Jewish pedagogies