Services for Organizations

Designing Inspiring Experiences

M² translates your organization’s educational challenges into opportunities for innovation, transformation, and excellence.

Designing Inspiring Experiences

M² ’s creative approach to Jewish education has helped dozens of organizations boost their educational strategies, resources, and systems. Here’s how we can help you:

Customized Professional Trainings

Providing educators and organizational leaders in your community with cutting edge training to cultivate and strengthen your talent while fostering collaboration and partnership.

Innovative Educational Resources

Creating customized teaching and learning tools, innovative and experiential curricula, and creative, ready-to-use resources to help you achieve your educational impact.

Developing Educational Strategies

Helping you align and refine your organization’s educational strategies with your vision and purpose, and ensuring that you are meeting the changing needs of your learners.

"M² cares a lot about the health of the Jewish educational ecosystem. When we worked together, they made it their business to learn deeply about our organization and helped us define and deliver on our unique purpose. They also identified ways we could collaborate with others in the ecosystem to achieve stronger outcomes.”
Services for Organizations
Becky Voorwinde
Executive Director of the Bronfman Youth Fellowship
& M² Board Member

Meet Our Clients

We’ve helped dozens of organizations create and implement educational change. Here are some of our clients:

Meet Our Faculty

Our experienced and innovative faculty will support and guide your organization through its unique challenges.

Mollie Andron
Lead Faculty and Fellowship Director
Bryan Oren
Program Director, Consulting Services, M²
Clare Goldwater
Chief Strategy Officer, M²
Shuki Taylor
Ilana Schachter
Associate Rabbi, Temple Sinai of Roslyn
Tamara Rebick
Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Coriphery Holistic Consulting Solutions

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Educational Resources

Chanoch L’naar Posters and Postcards

We asked artists to give their own interpretation to the famous pasuk “Chanoch L’naar al pi Darko”, (Mishlei 22:6) – “educate a child according to their own way.” See their creations and consider how their interpretations interact with your own approach to Jewish teaching and learning

Methodology Cards

Meaning Making Cards

Value Cards

Cocktail Coasters