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Senior Educators Cohort

Our flagship program provides outstanding educators from across the globe with the theories and practices that enable them to master the craft of experiential Jewish education.


SEC has transformed the landscape of Jewish education by equipping the most promising talent with skills and tools to create holistic, nuanced and sophisticated educational experiences.


From San Paulo to Sydney and from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv, SEC brings together leading educators from major Jewish organizations, to create adiverse and creative community of practice.


Participating in SEC provides access to the most current and creative pedagogies, methodologies, and resources, within a culture that celebrates educational innovation and experimentation.


Over the course of three, five-day convenings, participants gain exposure to signature creative educational pedagogies and cutting-edge methodologies that challenge them to articulate and sharpen their educational vision, approach, and practice – all in an immersive cohort environment.
Senior Educators Cohort
Seminar 1

Foundations and Values

Gain exposure to frameworks and theories that ignite the field of experiential Jewish education, including narrative theory, conflict pedagogy, and values education.

May 15-19th, 2022  | 
 New York, NY
Senior Educators Cohort
Seminar 2

The Power of Experiences

Discover the conceptual frameworks and choreographic principles that illuminate the design of immersive experiences, sensory engagement, spatial design, and the typology of activities.

October 23-27, 2022  | 
 Los Angeles, CA
Senior Educators Cohort
Seminar 3

Facilitating for Meaning

Investigate processes of experiential learning, approaches to group formation, the involvement of identity, and the role of educators in facilitating individual and communal agency.

February 26-March 3rd, 2023  | 
 Miami, FL

How You Will Grow

Senior Educators Cohort
Master your craft
Experiment with multi-disciplinary approaches to values education, experiential design and learner-centered engagement.
Senior Educators Cohort
Explore your vision
Discover how your talent, passion, and values align with your educational vision and intersect with your day-to-day practice.
Senior Educators Cohort
Build your Community
Broaden your network and relationships among a community of diverse and dedicated educators from across the globe.
Senior Educators Cohort
Make a difference
Through our workplace integration coaching, gain skills, tools, and confidence to apply what you learn within and across your workplace.


Graduate Student
Columbia University
Senior Educators Cohort
Cohort 1
Rabbi and Spiritual Counselor
Beit T'Shuvah
Senior Educators Cohort
Cohort 4
Director, Youth Division
Yerucham Municipality
Senior Educators Cohort
Cohort 2
Senior Director, Finance and Administration
M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education
Senior Educators Cohort
Cohort 6
Los Angeles, Director
Shalom Hartman Institute of North America
Senior Educators Cohort
Cohort 4
Senior Jewish Educator and Rabbi
North Carolina Hillel
Senior Educators Cohort
Cohort 4
Director of Congregational Learning
Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto
Senior Educators Cohort
Cohort 4
Judaic Studies Teacher
Heschel Day School
Senior Educators Cohort
Cohort 5
"The highlight of my M² experience was meeting so many different educators from different backgrounds and countries and thinking about Jewish education together. I learned how to create programs that are easily accessible to participants, and how to engage participants so that they want to learn more and return for future programs."
Senior Educators Cohort
Magda Dorosz
SEC 3 (2018-2019)
Executive Director, Hillel Warsaw
“M² is the destination for soulful, intellectual, and personal advancement… Through its rigor, ingenuity, and innovative training, M² has lifted up the role of Jewish educators. If you’re looking for a community of practice and training in experiential education, M² will be catalytic to your personal and professional growth.”
Senior Educators Cohort
Hallie Shapiro
SEC 1 (2016-2017)
Senior Associate VP, Family and Teen Engagement at Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago
“M² helped me put structure and a theoretical frame around my skills and knowledge, and ignited my interest for further research. By enabling me to explore current theories, M² has helped me achieve multidirectional growth.”
Senior Educators Cohort
Mariano Schlimovich
SEC 4 (2019-2020)
Executive Director, European Council of Jewish Communities (ECJC)
“M² helped me think in whole new ways about how I design learning experiences. They helped me trust my intuition and provided a robust, flexible approach. M² is a rare fellowship where alumni continue to feel part of the community long after the fellowship itself ends with ongoing resources, coaching, and connection.”
Senior Educators Cohort
Sasha Raskin-Yin
SEC 3 (2018-2019)
NYC Program Director, Avodah

Faculty and Mentors

Our experienced and innovative faculty will support, challenge and guide you on your fellowship journey.
Emily Faber
Assistant Director, Cohorts And Fellowships, M²
Kiva Rabinsky
Deputy CEO and Chief Program Officer, M²
Mollie Andron
Senior Program Director, Cohorts And Fellowships, M²
Rhoda Weisman
Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Rhoda+CO
Tamara Rebick
Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Coriphery Holistic Consulting Solutions
Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz
Co-Founder and CEO, Kol HaOt: Illuminating Jewish Life through the Arts


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Tuition: $


Registration fee: $


Includes all program costs, domestic airfare, room & board
Senior-level educators
Minimum of eight years of relevant field experience
Full-time employment as an experiential Jewish educator
Undergraduate degree


The Senior Educators Cohort is generously supported by the Maimonides Fund.

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Senior Educators Cohort