For Educators Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships


M²’s Research Fellowships convene talented and seasoned Jewish educators to address current challenges and cultivate new approaches towards Jewish education.

Join a community of master educators to research, develop, and create resources for new Jewish pedagogies that are rooted in Jewish tradition and address the educational needs of today.


Pedagogies of Peoplehood Research Fellowship

A paid, ten-month fellowship for master educators to research and develop educational practices that enrich the field of Jewish Peoplehood education and cultivate Jewish collective...

Jewish Pedagogies of Wellbeing Research Fellowship

A paid, ten-month fellowship for educators and master practitioners to research and develop Jewish educational practices that can respond to issues of mental health and...


18X18 Research Fellowship

A fellowship for executives at prominent Jewish organizations to stimulate change, foster collaboration, and create a collective vision and framework for Jewish education.

Jewish Pedagogies Research Fellowship

A paid, ten-month fellowship for Jewish educators seeking to explore, design, test, and produce new Jewish pedagogies that address today’s challenges.

The structure was excellent, and I very much appreciated the range of topics that were explored through shared scaffolding and frameworks. The institutional and individual support I received was incredible, with M² going above and beyond normal expectations.”
Shira Hecht-Koller
The Executive Director of Dorot Foundation
Jewish Pedagogies Research Fellowship, Cohort 2018-2019
"The Jewish Pedagogies Circle was a transformative experience. As experiential educators, we often focus on academic work or educational work, but we rarely have the opportunity to focus on both theory and practice in a Jewish context. M² made it possible for me to do just that.”
Marta Eichelberger-Jankowska
Jewish Pedagogies Circle
“Among the highlights of my M² experience were a dynamic cohort of colleagues, each of whom was doing really creative work in a variety of fields, and gifted faculty who brought unexpected and unusual skill sets to our program.”
Rachel Bovitz
Jewish Pedagogies Circle
"M² gave me the opportunity to be part of a lively Beit Midrash where I could think critically about pedagogy and the Jewish tradition behind it, and actualize my research. M² gave me the space to explore, experiment, connect with others, and find my own voice.”
Rabbi Ari Weiss
Jewish Pedagogies Circle
“Immersing in this fellowship gave me the pedagogical language to articulate the processes I've honed as an artist and activist, and a new lens from which to see the applicability of those processes.”
Jon Adam Ross
Jewish Pedagogies Circle

Meet our Fellows

VP, Jewish Education and Engagement
UJA Federation of Greater Toronto
18x18 Executive Fellowship
Cohort 1
Curriculum Development Director of the Tikkun Project
The Leo Baeck Day School
Jewish Pedagogies Research Fellowship
Cohort 2
Gleicher Bloom
Founder and Educational Consultant
Mensch Academy at Mishkan Chicago
Jewish Pedagogies Research Fellowship
Cohort 2
Vice President for Camps, NFTY, and Immersives
18x18 Executive Fellowship
Cohort 1
Levine Katz
Founder and Owner of Meshek48
Pedagogies of Wellbeing Research Fellowship
Wellbeing Cohort 2
Professor or Religion
Dickinson College
Pedagogies of Wellbeing Research Fellowship
Wellbeing Cohort 1
Co-Founder and Co-Director
Chabad at Brandeis and M54
Jewish Pedagogies Research Fellowship
Cohort 2
Cantor Rabbi Robert
Founder & Clinical Director
Tikvah Center for Jewish Recovery & Healing
Pedagogies of Wellbeing Research Fellowship
Wellbeing Cohort 1

Educational Resources

Naama Sadan

Pedagogy of the Word: Jewish Writing Practice for Increased Wellbeing

The pedagogy of the word as a tool to achieving inner balance
Dr. Andrea Lieber

Le’hitatef: A Pedagogy of Enveloping

Faith Brigham Leener

The Pedagogy of Mikveh: Removing Barriers in Pursuit of Deep Human Connection

Cantor Rabbi Robert Jury

Davar Acher: Pedagogy of Multi-Stories

Rabbi Neil Janes

The Giving Well: A Pedagogy of Ritualized Tzedakah