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M² helps educators and organizations design compelling educational experiences that help their learners find meaning and relevance in Jewish life.


M²’s vision is for Jewish education to be the foundation for deep engagement with a diverse, meaningful, compelling, and vibrant Jewish life.

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M²’s mission is to promote a proud and inspired community of Jewish educators who enable their learners to find meaning and relevance in Jewish life.


M² represents Machshava and Ma’aseh – Intention and Action – two values whose interplay is at the core of Jewish life. At M², we believe that these values are the foundations of experiential Jewish education.

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Steve Shulman

Board Member

Shuki Taylor

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

The Artist

“Transformation begins with a vision and a purpose.”

Shuki Taylor


Shira Hecht-Koller

Education Director, Center for Values in Action

The Visionary

"Practical solutions start with impractical dreams"

Rena Schweitzer

Finance and Operations Associate

The Adventurer

“Creative activation leads to joyful empowerment.”

Oshrat Slama Grozman

Director, Marketing and Communications

The Maker

“Curiosity and creativity are key to endless inspiration.”

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Like what Apple is to a Phone, Spiderman to Marvel, Scooters to Tel Aviv, or Hot Chocolate to a Rainy Day, M² is to Jewish Education.
If you would include the words passionate, innovative, joyful, diverse, or creative in your bio, your place might be with us.

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Bringing the M² dialect to the language of Jewish experiential education

As the son of a Jewish summer camp director, Mars grew up immersed in experiential education from a young age. Because of his father’s job, Mars was able to see informal education’s “behind-the-scenes” work. While it looked like fun and games to the campers, he saw his father utilizing established educational methodologies and putting them into practice.

Over the years, Mars has found that Judaism is uniquely adapted to support informal learning with its emphasis on community.

September 29, 2022
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