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Announcing M² 2023 Research Fellowships

M²’s Research Fellowships are ten-month, stipend-paying fellowships for master practitioners of diverse backgrounds to create new pedagogies that can shape the practice of Jewish education:

Informal Education Doesn’t Need To Be Informal

“It's not hyperbolic to say that it is a particularly complicated time to be a young Jew. Conversations about identity, culture, values, and Israel are tense. It’s essential to have a safe place to unpack those complexities… And in informal education, the opportunities are endless.”

An Experiential Approach to Tisha B’Av: Action Leads to Feeling

Tisha B’Av is parallel to the avelut period of personal mourning, but in an inverse way. In both cases, our actions create emotional states. Similarly, by practicing actions that reflect our guiding values, even if they don’t reflect our current feelings, we can work to create a society with a sense of justice and ethical propriety.
June, 2022

The M² Experience | June 2022

SEC 5 graduates I SEC Israel in the Golan Heights I Abby Mintz calls to professionalize camp counselors’ work I New team and board members, and more...
May, 2022

The M² Experience | May 2022

SEC 6 first seminar in NY I SEC Israel Day of Learning in TLV I Organizational change at Northwestern Hillel, and more!

Changing the Conversation about Camp Counselors: Recognizing Professional Growth Opportunities at Camp

Inspiring Organizational Change: Redefining prayer at Northwestern