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The role of educators in educating for social activism: Three ways to address timely challenges with students

As educators, we are the architects of our students’ experiences. However, we do not determine their outcomes. We must create educational experiences that allow students to freely explore their values, and then take action that speaks to them.
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Embodying your whole identity

How learning to be a more authentic educator encouraged Kimberly Dueñas to help other Jews celebrate their diverse selves
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Reimagining Activism Training: A Values-Based Approach for Rabbi Education

How did T’ruah’s Rabbi Lev Meirowitz Nelson create more impactful programming, driven by a single Jewish value?
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Tapping into Learners' Passions

Educators in both formal and informal frameworks need to be equipped with the right tools, as well as the time, space, and confidence, to meet people where they are, especially outside the classroom.
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Mike Mitchell: Seeing the program behind the budget numbers

Mike Mitchell has spent half of his career running Jewish educational programs, and half of his career helping nonprofits manage their finances. And now, at M², Mitchell has found a way to combine both of his areas of expertise.
November 27, 2022
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Bringing the M² dialect to the language of Jewish experiential education

September 29, 2022