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Educational Resources

Ready-to-use resources

Bring the M² magic to your work with our beautiful and creative materials. Enjoy!

The 18×18 resource kit

What should a Jewish person know, do, and care about – and how can educators guide them? Develop dynamic, goal-oriented plans for your organization with this tactile kit, which includes:...

Value Cards

M²’s Value Cards are designed to guide you in creating a meaningful, experiential educational activity, grounded in Jewish values. The accompanying booklet provides a range of Jewish texts and ideas...

Personal Learning Cycle

This journal’s new format facilitates the meaning-making process for you as an educator. Use this journal to take notes, to capture the richness of your experience, and to make meaning...

18×18 Posters

Get a set of 18 posters that represent the 18 things every Jew needs to do by the time they are eighteen. Great for your office wall!

Inspiration Bookmarks

“Think Outside! No box required,” “Professionalize your passion,” and “Introducing a method to the madness” – carry our bookmarks with you to inspire your educational work.

Imagineering Box

Stick this printable resource on a box and answer this question with a list: what helps you spark your imagination?

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