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Bold new pedagogies, in-depth research, creative reflections

In our publications, M² fellows and faculty share reflections and innovative educational research. Download and enjoy!

Explore new jewish pedagogies

During M² Research Fellowships, each fellow develops a new educational practice that addresses the contemporary challenges in Jewish education. Explore and use them with your learners and colleagues.

Value Sparks

Value Sparks are interactive educational resources designed with the signature M² approach: experiential activities using multiple modalities; stimulating values explorations through Jewish texts and ideas; presented in a beautiful, ready-to-use platform. Each Spark contains multiple activities, exercises and discussion prompts. Use it in full, or choose a small piece to ignite learning (and fun!) among...

Days of Gratitude

Our Gratitude Collections feature curated educational resources designed to help educators and parents guide their students and families in growing gratitude and resilience, spreading joy, and recognizing what truly matters in life. In these themed collections, you will find a unique and diverse set of activities that will engage your head, heart, hands, and spirit....

Ready to use resources, downloadable cards, facilitator guides

Bring your teaching and learning to life with beautifully designed resources, prompts, guides, worksheets, and more.

M² Methodology Cards

The 18×18 resource kit

What should a Jewish person know, do, and care about – and how can educators guide them? Develop dynamic, goal-oriented plans for your organization with this tactile kit, which includes:...

Personal Learning Cycle

This journal’s new format facilitates the meaning-making process for you as an educator. Use this journal to take notes, to capture the richness of your experience, and to make meaning...

18×18 Posters

Get a set of 18 posters that represent the 18 things every Jew needs to do by the time they are eighteen. Great for your office wall!

Inspiration Bookmarks

“Think Outside! No box required,” “Professionalize your passion,” and “Introducing a method to the madness” – carry our bookmarks with you to inspire your educational work.

Imagineering Box

Stick this printable resource on a box and answer this question with a list: what helps you spark your imagination?

18×18 magnet set

Get eighteen magnet units that represent the 18 things every Jew needs to do by the time they are eighteen. Great for your fridge and office! *Magnet board not included


A core component of the Jewish Pedagogies Circle is the fellows’ development of a research paper and educational resource. These are the fruits of their labor. We offer them to you to use and explore with your learners and colleagues.

Naama Sadan

Pedagogy of the Word: Jewish Writing Practice for Increased Wellbeing

The pedagogy of the word as a tool to achieving inner balance
Dr. Andrea Lieber

Le’hitatef: A Pedagogy of Enveloping

Faith Brigham Leener

The Pedagogy of Mikveh: Removing Barriers in Pursuit of Deep Human Connection

Cantor Rabbi Robert Jury

Davar Acher: Pedagogy of Multi-Stories

Rabbi Neil Janes

The Giving Well: A Pedagogy of Ritualized Tzedakah