Value Sparks

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Value Sparks are interactive educational resources designed with the signature M² approach: experiential activities using multiple modalities; stimulating values explorations through Jewish texts and ideas; presented in a beautiful, ready-to-use platform. Each Spark contains multiple activities, exercises and discussion prompts. Use it in full, or choose a small piece to ignite learning (and fun!) among learners, family and friends.


An Anchor for Change
In the face of today’s complexity and shifting perspectives, our foundation can be an anchor and catalyst for growth when systems are in question and change is upon us. This Value Spark explores preservation by taking a deep look at identifying features of ourselves, our communities, and our traditions.
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Lightening the Dark
As we bear witness to a changing and painful world, we often turn to humor. In this Value Spark, we explore why humor helps us during times of crisis and darkness and why it is so crucial to keep laughing – even when it seems impossible.
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Between Rights and Responsibilities
Explore how independence can be celebrated, commemorated, and challenged in today’s world. Through text study, activities, and personal introspection, discover what independence could mean to self, family, nation, and the world at large.
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From Feardom to Freedom
These may be some of the ideas that come up when you think of acts of courage. But what about everyday acts of courage? In this Value Spark, explore how being true to yourself, lending a listening ear, and following your inner convictions are all acts of courage.
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While many of our communities are practicing physical distancing during this time, they have not lost their ability to foster closeness and connection. Through text, media, activities, and exercises, this Value Spark explores the value of community and the ties that thread us together, even when we are apart.
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What does it mean to live a life with a mindset and disposition on Chesed, loving-kindness? Through hands-on activities and conversation prompts, this Value Spark explores why a simple act of kindness can also be elusive, and how we can make Chesed a lens through which to view the world.
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The Art of Paying Attention
The practice of gratitude isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s about finding the method that works for you. Through the activities and guides in this Value Spark, we’ll explore the many ways that we can express gratitude during times of normalcy, celebration, and sorrow, too.
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Breaking Bread

How to Practice Hospitality
Through hands-on activities and conversation prompts, this Value Spark explores how hospitality is evolving and adapting with the world around us, and how we can practice hospitality even — and especially — in the virtual sphere.
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Revealing Our True Colors
Our present reality is one where truth is constantly called into question and we often have to decide for ourselves what is right and wrong. Through media, text, and conversation guides, this Value Spark explores what it means to live a life of Integrity.
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An Exploration of Your Space in Corona Times
After weeks of being confined inside, our surroundings may feel repetitive and old. But how can we be a bit more playful with our surroundings and bring the expansiveness from outside in? Join us for a guided audio tour through your Great Indoors where you will be led on an experiential journey through your home to rediscover and connect to your surroundings.
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Pesach is the holiday of Freedom. But what does freedom mean in our current reality? Join us for an exploration of freedom through songs, art, text study, and some current examples of how people are finding their freedom amidst the confinement.
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Re:guarding Memory

The Deliberate Act of Remembering
Between Passover, Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), and Yom HaZikaron (Israeli Memorial Day), it is the season of memory. How can we encourage our learners and those around us to explore and contemplate our collective memories and personal narratives? How do we allow these to shape our lives? This Value Spark is an interactive learning experience, designed for you and your learners.
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In A Time of Darkness
How – especially during challenging times – can we help our learners express and articulate their hopes? This Value Spark explores the value of hope, through texts, media, activities, and exercises, and can help you and your learners share ways to find hope amidst moments of despair.
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From Burden to Blessing
Being responsible for yourself and others is hard work. And knowing how to juggle and prioritize your responsibilities can be exhausting. We can feel burdened by our to-do lists and our mistakes.
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‘Limtzo Manoach’: Finding Peace

A Values Exploration
In the aftermath of the flood, the dove struggled to find a resting place. Over the course of the past two years, we’ve been looking for something similar - a place to rest our feet and find comfort amidst turmoil. What signposts indicate when it is time to emerge from a difficult experience? Join us in following the footsteps of Noah.
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