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M² offers a range of professional development opportunities for Jewish educators, from research fellowships and cohort experiences to courses and workshops.

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For more than half a decade, M²’s programs have cultivated a vibrant and collaborative community of Jewish educational practitioners, designers, and policymakers.

Experience the magic

Emphasizing personal and professional transformation, M²’s initiatives provide participants with practical skills and creative resources to enrich and expand their work.

This is your community

M² fosters collaborative community spaces that deepen, sharpen, and amplify a range of diverse educational voices, perspectives, and experiences.

Professional Development Initiatives

Our programs provide talented educators with the principles, approaches and skills to create powerful Jewish learning experiences.

Senior Educators Cohort - Israel

An immersive cohort experience providing outstanding educators in Israel with a holistic approach toward the theory and practice of experiential Jewish education.

Chicago Educators Cohort

An 18-month fellowship designed to equip Chicago-based leading educators with cutting edge educational approaches and opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and mentorship.

Senior Educators Cohort

An international 10-month program that provides outstanding educators with a holistic approach toward the theory and practice of experiential Jewish education.

Research Fellowships

Our Research Fellowships convene seasoned educators to address contemporary challenges and develop new pedagogies and practices.

Pedagogies of Wellbeing Research Fellowship

A paid, eight-month fellowship for educators and master practitioners to research and develop Jewish educational practices that can respond to issues of mental health and wellbeing.

18X18 Research Fellowship

A fellowship for executives at prominent Jewish organizations to stimulate change, foster collaboration, and create a collective vision and framework for Jewish education.

Jewish Pedagogies Research Fellowship

A paid, eight-month fellowship for Jewish educators seeking to explore, design, test, and produce new Jewish pedagogies that address today’s challenges.

Courses & Workshops

Our courses and workshops provide immediately applicable tools to boost and enrich educational experiences and programs.

Certificate Program in Virtual Experiential Education

An online program providing educators with practical skills, templates, and tools to create more powerful, intentional, and immersive virtual experiences.

Meet our Fellows

Educator, Writer, Performer
Jewish Pedagogies Research Fellowship
Cohort 2
North American Director of Education
Diller Teen Fellows
Senior Educators Cohort
Cohort 3
Director of Education
Temple Judea
Senior Educators Cohort
Cohort 1
Senior Manager of Immersive Experiences
Moishe House
Design of Immersive Experiences
Circle 1
Meirowitz Nelson
Director of Leadership and Learning
T'ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights
Senior Educators Cohort
Cohort 5
Senior Educators Cohort
Cohort 3
Community Manager and Founding Member
Jewtina y Co.
Pedagogies of Wellbeing Research Fellowship
Senior Director of Jewish Journeys, Places, and Welcoming
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
Senior Educators Cohort
Cohort 2

Educational Resources

Personal Learning Cycle

This journal’s new format facilitates the meaning-making process for you as an educator. Use this journal to take notes, to capture the richness of your experience, and to make meaning out of it.

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