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Customized Professional Trainings

At M² we know that different types of educators and organizations require training that carefully considers the setting, context, and needs of the educators.

Our customized training programs range in length, from two days to 18 months, and utilize our signature building blocks: creative theories, practical solutions, mentoring, and opportunities for experimentation.

Relevant to all types of Jewish professionals, our trainings foster collaboration and partnership and cultivate local leadership and talent.


We conduct a needs
and aspirations assessment
You select
topics and approaches
Our faculty
facilitates immersive training
Your team is
set up for success

Clients stories

New Online Tools for Connecting to Learners

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, when educators were scrambling to move their work online, there was a need for professional training focused on how to build engaging online experiences. M² built a new certificate program for Virtual Facilitation and Experiential Jewish Education.

Early Career Educator Development

Entry-level Hillel professionals on campus are passionate and engaging, and excited to connect students to Jewish life. Often, however, they don't define themselves as educators and don't have any training in the field. To address this issue, M² built Hillel U, a year-long training program for talented, new-ish Hillel professionals who were interested in gaining...

Federation CJA, Montreal: Breaking Down Silos and Embracing A Common Language

Led by Federation CJA, Passport to Jewish Life (Passport) is a funders collaborative* created in 2018. A bold theory of change was developed to increase the quality, quantity and diversity of Jewish opportunities and programs in Montreal. Professional Development for educators across the Montreal Jewish community was a core pillar and a seminal piece to...

“By participating in the M² workshops, our PJ Library Parent Connectors were able to see themselves as Jewish Educators, which allowed them to reframe their perspective on WHY and HOW we engage families. The workshops gave us time to pause, reflect and use tools to build community with intention and value.”
Rachel Rapoport
PJ Library in Chicago
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Educational Resources

Chanoch L’naar Posters and Postcards

We asked artists to give their own interpretation to the famous pasuk “Chanoch L’naar al pi Darko”, (Mishlei 22:6) – “educate a child according to their own way.” See their creations and consider how their interpretations interact with your own approach to Jewish teaching and learning

Methodology Cards

Meaning Making Cards

Cocktail Coasters

18×18 magnet set

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