Ideas and reflections from our community


In our publications, M² fellows and faculty share bold new pedagogies, creative reflections, and innovative educational research. Download, share with your learners, and enjoy.

Educators Responding to the Israel-Hamas War: Survey Report

This report delves into the experiences of Jewish professionals post-October 7th, navigating isolation and uncertainty. Seeking clarity, safety, and hope, they grapple with fundamental questions about the unfolding events and their implications.


Awakenings: Our Memoir of Transformation

With every transformation invariably comes a loss and the transformed-from must be recognized and attended to before the transformed-into can be fully relished. “Awakenings” is the collected and curated series of pieces, quotes, artwork, and...

M² Circles: Relational Learning

Relationships are at the heart of what it means to be human. The ‘other’ in a relationship can become, in the words of the Israeli poet Leah Goldberg, “a glance, a window, a mirror”, ultimately...

Jewish Pedagogies Research Papers

The Jewish Pedagogies Circle sprung from the quest to gather senior-level educators in a Studio & Lab experience to investigate how Jewish wisdom can inform how we teach, learn, and practice education.

M² Circles: The Design of Immersive Experiences

The theory of narrative identity posits that narrative is essential to our humanity1. Identity is formed as individuals integrate life experiences into an internalized, evolving story of the self, providing the individual with a sense...

Strengthening Shabbat in Birthright Israel

Over the past four months M2: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education has facilitated a process of re-imagining possibilities for Shabbat programming on a Birthright Israel trip, in order to maximize the transformative potential of...

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