Explore new jewish pedagogies

During M² Research Fellowships, each fellow develops a new educational practice that addresses the contemporary challenges in Jewish education. Explore and use them with your learners and colleagues.

Parents As Learners, Teachers and Partners In Their Children’s Jewish Education

Simon Klarfeld

Self-Employed Teaneck, NJ

It may have taken a pandemic to remind us that the home provides a critically important place for education.

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Loving Goodness: A Pedagogy through Individuality and Belonging

Charles Herman

Former Executive Director & Founder
The Nesiya Institute

The pedagogy of Loving Goodness explores the tension between self-love and the love of the other

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Hebrew Calligraphy: A Pedagogy for Developing Closeness with Text

Daniel Abramson

Curriculum Development Director of the Tikkun Project
The Leo Baeck Day School

Explore and experiment with Hebrew letters and text

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The Pedagogy of Mikveh: Removing Barriers in Pursuit of Deep Human Connection

Faith Brigham Leener

Founder, Base Movement and Chief Innovation Officer, Pardes Institute

The ritual of mikvah as a framework for cultivating inspired communication

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Creating Sacred Space

Shira Hecht-Koller

Director of Education
Values in Action, M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education

When we plan our educational spaces with deliberation and intention we can make room for the sacred.

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Pedagogy of the Bridge: Shema As Our Talisman in Facing Fear, Our Walking Stick Through Life’s Hard Stuff

Rabbi Michelle Dardashti

Kane Street Synagogue

Shema as a mantra for facing our fears and emerging more confident, courageous and whole

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Contemporary Poetry As A Sacred Jewish Text

Jake Marmer

Education & Programming Director
Bronfman Fellowship Stanford, CA

Learning poetry as sacred text can infuse educational spaces with intimacy and communal connection.

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Let Your Body Learn: An Embodied Pedagogy

Rabbi Dr. Yechiel Hoffman

Independent Consultant and Educator
YH Consulting

The Let Your Body Learn pedagogy provides an opportunity to ritualize embodied learning on a regular basis.

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A Pedagogy of Siyyum

Rabbi Rachel Bovitz

Executive Director
Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning

A pedagogy of siyyum can help raise up a new generation of Jewish learners who feel connected to their heritage in a meaningful, creative way.

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