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During M² Research Fellowships, each fellow develops a new educational practice that addresses the contemporary challenges in Jewish education. Explore and use them with your learners and colleagues.

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Contemporary Poetry As A Sacred Jewish Text

Jake Marmer

Education & Programming Director
Bronfman Fellowship Stanford, CA

Learning poetry as sacred text can infuse educational spaces with intimacy and communal connection.

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A Pedagogy of the 48: Connecting Pirkei Avot, LIfe, and Learning

Dr. Gila Silverman

Director of Jewish Lifelong Learning
Siegel Lifelong Learning, Case Western Reserve University

This pedagogy invites participants to consider how the 48 different ways of “acquiring Torah” resonates with them

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Let Your Body Learn: An Embodied Pedagogy

Rabbi Dr. Yechiel Hoffman

Independent Consultant and Educator
YH Consulting

The Let Your Body Learn pedagogy provides an opportunity to ritualize embodied learning on a regular basis.

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Hebrew Calligraphy: A Pedagogy for Developing Closeness with Text

Daniel Abramson

Curriculum Development Director of the Tikkun Project
The Leo Baeck Day School

Explore and experiment with Hebrew letters and text

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Jewish Place and Positionality: A Choreography of Pedagogical Practice

Yoshi Silverstein

Founder & Executive Director
Mitsui Collective Cleveland, OH

A Choreography of Pedagogical Practice - By engaging intentionally with spatial dynamics, Jewish educators can elevate learning through powerful embodied practices.

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A Pedagogy of Cleansing: How Purifying and “Lifting” the Hands is Connected to Wellbeing

Rabbi Daniel Brenner

Vice President - Education
Moving Traditions

The ritual of handwashing - Netiylat Yadaim - through the lens of dance/movement education

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The Pedagogy of Names

Kimberly Dueñas

Community Manager and Founding Member
Jewtina y. Co.

Exploring names as an opportunity to welcome the learner as ‘whole’

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The Pedagogy of Mikveh: Removing Barriers in Pursuit of Deep Human Connection

Faith Brigham Leener

Founder, Base Movement and Chief Innovation Officer, Pardes Institute

The ritual of mikvah as a framework for cultivating inspired communication

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Pedagogy of Mutual Humanization

Jon Adam Ross

Co-Founding Artist & Managing Director
The In[HEIR]itance Project New York, NY

A pedagogy of mutual humanization places relationships at the center of the educational experience.

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