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M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education helps educators and organizations design compelling educational experiences that help their learners find meaning and relevance in Jewish life.

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Programs For Educators

Professional Development Programs

Senior Educators Cohort

An international 10-month program that provides outstanding educators with a holistic approach toward the theory and practice of experiential Jewish education.
Research Fellowships

18X18 Research Fellowship

A fellowship for executives at prominent Jewish organizations to stimulate change, foster collaboration, and create a collective vision and framework for Jewish education.
Research Fellowships

Jewish Pedagogies Research Fellowship

A paid, eight-month fellowship for Jewish educators seeking to explore, design, test, and produce new Jewish pedagogies that address today’s challenges.

Meet our Fellows

“No one else is doing what M² is doing – bringing the right people together and encouraging us to think strategically about the larger goals of Jewish education. M²’s founding idea – that the Jewish education community should be thinking across platforms – is sublime, brilliant, and necessary.”
Avi Orlow
18x18 Executive Fellowship
Vice President of Innovation and Education, Foundation for Jewish Camp
"The highlight of my M² experience was meeting so many different educators from different backgrounds and countries and thinking about Jewish education together. I learned how to create programs that are easily accessible to participants, and how to engage participants so that they want to learn more and return for future programs."
Magda Dorosz
Senior Educators Cohort 3
Executive Director, Hillel Warsaw
"M² cultivates a supportive, thoughtful environment where people can really geek out (and learn a lot!) about pedagogy… And, I also really appreciated that at M², Jewish arts are not marginal but matter to broader engagement with Jewish culture and learning."
Jake Marmer
Jewish Pedagogies Research Fellowship 1
Education and Programming Director, Bronfman Fellowship
“M² brought the beauty of our Jewish traditions into the learning space, encapsulating all of my senses. I learned in new ways – using my body, my hands, my eyes, my voice – and my whole self was fully in it.”
Donna Maher
JFNA Next-Gen Cohort 2
Assistant Director Community Outreach, The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

Services for Organizations

M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education translates your organization’s educational challenges into opportunities for innovation, transformation and excellence.

Taglit-Birthright Israel

Utilizing best practices from M² 's virtual facilitation and experiential education class, we built a structure for an online, self-guided unit that was complemented with handouts, videos, audio resources, and lots of practical tips.
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Leveraging our network of educators, we convened an international and diverse curriculum team of educators with experience in teen leadership, social justice, and Jewish texts.
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PJ Library

In order to inspire the Parent Ambassadors in Chicago and to help them build confidence, M² worked with the PJ Library staff to build and deliver a series of online workshops.
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News and media

An Experiential Approach to Tisha B’Av: Action Leads to Feeling

Tisha B’Av is parallel to the avelut period of personal mourning, but in an inverse way. In both cases, our actions create emotional states. Similarly, by practicing actions that reflect our guiding values, even if they don’t reflect our current feelings, we can work to create a society with a sense of justice and ethical propriety.
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