Ibn Gabirol School, Madrid

Ibn Gabirol School, Madrid

Inspiring Youth Leadership

The Jewish school in Madrid, Spain knows that their graduating high school students are the future of their community, and need to be prepared for their role. They turned to us to create a curriculum that would help their 10th-12th graders develop their own leadership.


Madrid’s Jewish teens, who know each other well in the traditional school setting, do not have many opportunities for experiential learning. The school was prepared to dedicate time to this, and M² was ready to find a way that was engaging and relevant and could encourage the teens to get to know each other in new ways.


The process started with intensive conversations with the school administration and teachers focused on understanding the needs of the community and unpacking what the school wanted to achieve. Then, using M²'s approach to values-based education, we broke down the concept of “leadership” into a set of concepts that the students could explore over the course of a few years. The full curriculum evolved into a series of experiential educational modules that would complement the more formal educational style of the school, and provide its students with engaging and relevant learning experiences, to be taught by the school's rabbi. Handouts, games, and videos were all part of the final materials that we gave to the school. We also provided the school with several hours of consulting support, to ensure that they could teach the materials effectively going forward.
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