ChangeMakers Curriculum

Honeycomb (formerly the Jewish Teen Funders Network) was interested in developing a new, specially designed curriculum to support its work with teen philanthropy.


Previous curricula were out of date or not useful enough for educators, who need a lot of flexibility. It was time for a new curriculum, one that would be highly experiential, learner-centered, and grounded in Jewish values; a curriculum that would set a new standard for all high-quality teen philanthropy programs.


Leveraging our network of educators, we convened an international and diverse curriculum team of educators with experience in teen leadership, social justice, and Jewish texts. For six months, the team worked together to develop an innovative new curriculum for Honeycomb that conceives of a teen philanthropy experience as a journey through social justice issues, Jewish values, and the processes of philanthropy. The resulting learner-centered curriculum is wide-ranging and modular, enabling Jewish educators working within different settings to design their own learning process – one which best suits the needs and interests of their community and their learners. The curriculum is accompanied by beautifully designed handouts, posters, and innovative resources, including a set of Jewish Philanthropy Cards and the Jewish Philanthropy Wheel.
"M² is uniquely able to understand the basic structures needed for youth educational experiences. Their experience in developing resources and working to innovate the field of youth engagement is a crucial asset to strengthening our Jewish community."
Wayne Green
CEO, Honeycomb
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