Mosaic United

Mosaic United

New Online Tools for Connecting to Learners

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, when educators were scrambling to move their work online, there was a need for professional training focused on how to build engaging online experiences. M² built a new certificate program for Virtual Facilitation and Experiential Jewish Education.


On campuses across North America, in particular, campus professionals had to learn quickly how to turn their in-person programs and relationships into meaningful online experiences. Mosaic United, which supports campus professionals from many organizations and backgrounds, was looking for additional tools and resources to offer. They came to M² for resources that could be customized to the campus context, and which would be appropriate for a wide range of campus organizations.


M², in partnership with Mosaic United’s Campus Pillar, offered a special cohort of the Certificate in Virtual Facilitation and Experiential Jewish Education designed to meet the needs and speak to the contexts of campus professionals. In this four-week course, we taught the design principles for engaging experiences and facilitated new relationship-building between professionals from multiple geographies and backgrounds, all of whom share a commitment to Jewish students.
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