The Bronfman Fellowship

The Bronfman Fellowship

Strategies for Transformation

Over a period of 30 years, the Bronfman Fellowship (BF) has established a reputation as a premier experience for teens who want high-level, intellectual, and pluralistic Jewish experiences. Focused around a year-long program for Israeli and North American high school students with several immersive seminars, the BF has had enormous success in building a strong pluralistic network of young people who have gone on to become leaders in many Jewish communities and spaces.


Determined not to rest on their laurels and take current practice for granted, BF recognized that it was time to reconsider whether and how their educational methodologies were in fact meeting their educational goals. In 2016, the BF staff asked M² to take a fresh look at their educational strategies and ask hard questions about where there was opportunity to make changes.


M² built a strategic process, designed to maximize the "outsider" perspective and to include multiple voices from inside the BF. Following extensive interviews with past educators and stakeholders, we convened a think tank to consider new definitions of the BF's core pedagogies. The process yielded new insights and directions for the future, ensuring that the program remains innovative and forward-thinking.
"When we worked with M², they made it their business to learn deeply about our organization and helped us define and deliver on our unique purpose. They also identified ways we could collaborate with others in the Jewish educational ecosystem to achieve stronger outcomes."
Becky Voorwinde
Executive Director of the Bronfman Youth Fellowship & M² Board Member
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