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Senior Educators Cohort – Israel

An immersive cohort experience providing outstanding educators in Israel with a holistic approach toward the theory and practice of experiential Jewish education.

Applications open in winter 2023


SEC-Israel is transforming the landscape of experiential education in Israel by equipping the most promising talent with skills and tools to create holistic, pluralistic, and sophisticated Jewish experiences.


Holding leading positions across major organizations across the country, our graduates work to professionalize the field of experiential education and its impact on individual and collective Jewish Israeli identity.


Participating in SEC-Israel provides access to the most current and creative pedagogies, methodologies, and resources, within a culture that celebrates educational innovation and experimentation.


Over the course of three, four-day convenings, participants gain exposure to creative pedagogies and methodologies that challenge them to sharpen their vision, approach, and practice.Between the seminars, we will hold 3-4 in-person days of learning including mentoring sessions and peer discourse, to deepen the material and perfect the educational language.
Senior Educators Cohort – Israel
Seminar 1

Foundations and Values

Gain exposure to frameworks and theories that ignite the field of experiential Jewish education, including narrative theory, conflict pedagogy, and values education.

February 15-17, 2022  | 
 Herzliya, IL
Senior Educators Cohort – Israel
Seminar 2

The Power of Experiences

Discover conceptual frames and choreographic principles that illuminate the design of immersive experiences, sensory engagement, spatial design, and the typology of activities.

June 26-29, 2022 | 
 Golan Heights, IL
Senior Educators Cohort – Israel
Seminar 3

Facilitating for Meaning

Investigate key constructs in group formation, the evolution of identity, and the processes of memory formation, and explore the role of educators in facilitating individual and communal agency.

November 21-24, 2022 | 
 South of Israel

How You Will Grow

Senior Educators Cohort – Israel
Master your craft
Experiment with innovative and multi-disciplinary approaches to values education, experience design, formation of identity, and learner-centered engagement.
Senior Educators Cohort – Israel
Build your Community
Broaden your network and build deep relationships among a community of diverse, driven, and dedicated educators from across Israel.
Senior Educators Cohort – Israel
Explore your vision
Discover how your talent, passion, and values align with your educational vision and intersect with your day-to-day practice.
Senior Educators Cohort – Israel
Make a difference
Through our workplace integration coaching, gain skills, tools, and confidence to apply what you learn within and across your workplace


Kedmi Semama
Head of Pre-Military Preparatory
Senior Educators Cohort Israel
Cohort 1
Head of Program Development
The Ben Gurion Heritage Institute
Senior Educators Cohort Israel
Cohort 1
Zilberman Soloway
Director of Shared society programs
Merchavim Institute + Rabbi's Liason at Rabbis for Human Rights
Senior Educators Cohort Israel
Cohort 1
Ben-Simon Schonfeld
Head of Hevruta Gap-Year Program
Shalom Hartman Institute
Senior Educators Cohort Israel
Cohort 1
Head of Germany Desk, Bnei Akiva
Director of Diaspora Affaires, Masa Israeli
Senior Educators Cohort Israel
Cohort 1
Education Mentor