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Deepening goals. Expanding possibilities.

18X18 Research Fellowship

A fellowship for executives at prominent Jewish organizations to stimulate change, foster collaboration, and create a collective vision and framework for Jewish education.

Bringing the 18x18 Educational Framework to life, this fellowship convenes executives overseeing educational strategy, policy, and programming to expand the possibilities of Jewish education by stimulating creativity, fostering collaboration, and cultivating a shared vision.


The FELLOWSHIP journey

18X18 Research Fellowship
Phase 1: Framework and Possibilities
Explore the 18x18 Framework and its potential
18X18 Research Fellowship
Phase 2: Exploration of Goals
Identify and envision goals for organizational change
18X18 Research Fellowship
Phase 3: Road Maps And Strategies
Build a feasible implementation plan
18X18 Research Fellowship
Phase 4: First Stage Execution
Experiment with “small wins” to demonstrate new opportunities
18X18 Research Fellowship
Phase 5: Fostering Independence
Scale up efforts for change and analyze impact

Program Schedule

Phase 1
Virtual Seminar & Lab Work

April-May, 2021

Phase 2
Lab Work & Coaching

June-July, 2021

Phase 3
In Person Seminar & Lab Work

August-October, 2021

Phase 4
In Person Seminar & Lab Work

November 2021-April 2022

Phase 5
In Person Seminars and Coaching

May-September 2022


Fox Smart
Chief Program Officer
The Institute for Jewish Spirituality
18x18 Executive Fellowship
Executive Director
Birthright Israel North America
18x18 Executive Fellowship
Vice President of Innovation and Education
Foundation for Jewish Camp
18x18 Executive Fellowship
Campus Rabbi
Northwestern Hillel
18x18 Executive Fellowship
Vice President, Enrichment Strategy
18x18 Executive Fellowship
Senior Director of Institutional Programs
JCC Manhattan
18x18 Executive Fellowship
Director, Connect Unit
18x18 Executive Fellowship
Director of Education
Repair the World
18x18 Executive Fellowship
The fellows in my cohort are extraordinarily thoughtful, creative, brave, and courageous… If you have the opportunity to experience M², take it! Walk into it open-minded and willing to embrace change. it is a transformative process.”
18X18 Research Fellowship
Tova Birnbaum
Director of Jewish Content, Oshman Family JCC, Palo Alto
M² created a program that was high-level, methodical, relevant, and that pushed us forward… I had to articulate my goals and my path as a Jewish educator – and it changed my entire trajectory.”
18X18 Research Fellowship
Liron Lipinsky
Vice President, Enrichment Strategy, BBYO
To work closely with the M² team has allowed me to start to develop the foundations of my organization’s Jewish educational philosophy, which we can build upon for years to come. To be able to focus on this work in a cohort of people who are doing so as well is exactly what sets M² apart.”
18X18 Research Fellowship
Rabbi Jessy Dressin
Senior Director of Jewish Education, Repair the World

Facilitators, Mentors, and Advisory Committee

Our experienced and innovative facilitators, mentors, and advisory committee will support, challenge, and guide you on your fellowship journey.
Doron Kenter
Advisory Committee
Maimonides Fund
Dr. Miriam Heller Stern
Advisory Committee
Yolanda Savage-Narva
Director Racial, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Union for Reform Judaism
Alex Pomson
Advisory Committee
Benjamin M. Jacobs, Ph.D.
Advisory Committee
Bryan Oren
Program Director, Consulting Services, M²
18X18 is developed with support and partnership from the Maimonides Fund

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18X18 Research Fellowship