M² helps educators and their organizations design powerful and compelling Jewish experiences. Our training and consulting services are grounded in research, multi-disciplinary content and innovative methodologies.

Our publications include original concept papers, reports from consultancy projects, practitioner research in Jewish education, our strategic plan and more. You are invited to download and enjoy these materials.

Relationships at the Center: Practitioner Research on Relational Engagement, July 2020

A collection of short essays describing the research and learnings of the participants in M²’s Relational Engagement Circle. Each essay presents a snapshot of practitioners at work in diverse settings, as they work to identify and improve their own practice using M²’s framework for relational learning.

The Jewish Pedagogies Project Concept Paper

The Jewish Pedagogies Project calls for Jewish education to become a discipline that adopted particular Jewish ways of educating, by exploring what a Jewish Pedagogy might be. Serving as the foundation for our Jewish Pedagogies Circle, this publication outlines our approach to Jewish pedagogies by offering definitions, qualifiers and a set of sample Jewish pedagogies.

M² Strategic Plan, 2020-24

Our four year strategic plan serves as our commitment to cultivate a generation of exceptional Jewish educators who can convey a Judaism that is learned, lived, and loved. Our goals for 2020-2024 focus on expanding outreach with innovative content, deepening connections, and building internal capacity with a steadfast commitment to sustainable, compelling, and rigorous Jewish education. 

Autonomy and Attachment

This report is the product of a strategic consulting project for UJA Federation of New York. It focuses on a new framework for thinking about the Israel-Diaspora relationship, built on concepts drawn from relational psychology. The report includes recommendations for both how to think about a new relationship between Israel and the Diaspora, as well as directions for programmatic interventions based on that framework.