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Shlomit Naim Naor
Program Director
"Dreams become reality with everyday action"

Shlomit Naim Naor has been an educator for over twenty years with positions at Makom, the educational content unit of the Jewish Agency, and as an advisor to the Jerusalem Education Bureau. A graduate of the Mandel School of Educational Leadership and M²’s Mabat 1, Shlomit’s other work experience includes serving as a Jewish Agency emissary in London and as chair of the Israel Batei Midrash Network. As a prize-winning author of the poetry books “No End in Sight”(2016)and the “Things We Are Not Talking About”(2020), Shlomit strongly believes in creative writing as an impactful tool in experiential education. Shlomit holds a BA in Hebrew literature and philosophy from the Hebrew University, a master’s in creative writing from Ben-Gurion University, and is proud to raise her family in Jerusalem.

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