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Pedagogies of Wellbeing

[Max words: 250]

  • Why are you interested in being part of the Pedagogies of Wellbeing Research Fellowship? How will this project enhance your teaching? What might it contribute to you as an educator or to your organization? (250 words)

[Max words: 250]

  • As mental health challenges have increased and wellbeing has become a priority, how has your educational philosophy shifted? (250 words)

[Max words: 400]

  • Share a Jewish idea/source/tradition related to wellbeing that has expanded your educational horizon and the way in which it has impacted your practice. (250-400 words)

[Max words: 250]

  • What is a pedagogy related to wellbeing that you are passionate about exploring as being a part of this project? If this pedagogy is enacted, how might it impact your learners? (250 words)

[Max words: 150]

  • Please describe a research project that you have pursued in the past. (150 words)

[Free response]

  • Do you have any further questions or comments for us about the fellowship?

We look forward to reading your essay!

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