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Autonomy and Attachment

At the request of UJA Federation of New York, M²: The Institute of Experiential Jewish Education has recently conducted a consultancy project related to the relationship between American and Israeli Jewish communities; to understand and analyze the current relationship; to stimulate new discourse grounded in concepts from the domain of psychology; and to begin identifying possible directions that would bring these two communities closer together. Using a methodology of Conceptual Research – an approach best suited for researching the validity and salience of conceptual hypotheses, and using focus groups and think tanks, the consultancy addressed a series of questions and issues related to the assumptions, purpose, and conditions involved in the relationship between American and Israeli Jewry, while using concepts from relational psychology.

This report is the product of a strategic consulting project for the UJA-Federation of New York. It focuses on a new framework for thinking about the Israel-Diaspora relationship, built on concepts drawn from relational psychology. The report includes recommendations for both how to think about a new relationship between Israel and the Diaspora, as well as directions for programmatic interventions based on that framework.