News and Media Limited Anthology Series Awakenings: Our Memoir of Transformation

Awakenings: Our Memoir of Transformation

On Shavuot, we read the story of Moses and the Jewish people receiving the Torah. It is one of the most iconic, memorable moments in our people’s history. Moses and the newly freed Israelites reach the Sinai Desert in Exodus, chapter 19. They set up camp in front of Mount Sinai and ready themselves for what’s next: receiving God’s commandments and becoming a nation.

With every transformation invariably comes a loss and the transformed-from must be recognized and attended to before the transformed-into can be fully relished. “Awakenings” is the collected and curated series of pieces, quotes, artwork, and poetry from the M² community, that speak to the transformations so many of us have experienced, and how the past year and a half has impacted us as Jewish educators.