Relationships at the Center: Practitioner Research on Relational Engagement

Relationships are at the heart of what it means to be human and they play an intrinsic role in how we explore the world and discover the meaning in life. The ‘other’ in a relationship can become, in the words of the Israeli poet Leah Goldberg1, “a glance, a window, a mirror”, ultimately supporting and challenging our capacities for self-discovery and our self-conceptions of authenticity and significance2. Relationships are also significant in cultivating, nurturing and sustaining communities through the development of personal connections, often spanning entire lifetimes and lasting generations3.

This collection of short essays describes the research and learnings of M_’s Relational Learning fellows. Each essay presents a snapshot of practitioners at work in diverse settings, as they identify and improve their own practice using M_’s framework for relational learning.

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