Jewish Pedagogies: An Online Symposium

Jewish Pedagogies: An Online Symposium

M² is thrilled to invite you to an afternoon of learning and exploration to celebrate – and gain exposure to – a set of bold new Jewish Pedagogies, designed to increase the depth and impact of 21st Century Jewish Education.

Over the past nine months, the Jewish Pedagogies Circle, an initiative piloted by M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education and supported by the Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah and the Jim Joseph Foundation, convened 12 fellows to research, shape, and transform the ways in which we teach and students learn.

12 People
December 1, 2021


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The Speakers

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Fellows Resources

(Midrashic) Petichta Pedagogy

The midrashic form of the Petichta invites an approach to peda...

LeSha: Lemida Sh’Goreret Ahavah: Learning That Leads to Love

A pedagogy that utilizes educational experiences to cultivate ...

The Pedagogy of Blessing/Berakhah

Offering each other blessings has the power to transform both ...

Creating Sacred Space

When we plan our educational spaces with deliberation and inte...

The Pedagogy of Asking: A Methodology for Crafting Artful Questions

When asking questions, a clear and intentional approach can ma...

Parents As Learners, Teachers and Partners In Their Children’s Jewish Education

It may have taken a pandemic to remind us that the home provid...

Contemporary Poetry As A Sacred Jewish Text

Learning poetry as sacred text can infuse educational spaces w...

Pedagogy of Mutual Humanization

A pedagogy of mutual humanization places relationships at the ...