Jewish Pedagogies Resources

A core component of the Jewish Pedagogies Circle is the fellows’ development of a research paper and educational resource. These are the fruits of their labor. We offer them to you to use and explore with your learners and colleagues.

As the text says, nahafoch kola ba, turn it and turn it again, for there is much wisdom and insight in these works. We are grateful to those pioneering participants and faculty of the Jewish Pedagogies Circle, and we hope their contributions to the field will serve to stimulate, excite, and prompt more work in this area and invite feedback and participation in this important conversation.


Dr. Gila Silverman

A Pedagogy of the 48: Connecting Pirkei Avot, LIfe, and Learning

This pedagogy invites participants to consider how the 48 different ways of “acquiring Torah” resonates with them

Rabbi Jesse Paikin

L’Shem Yichud: A Pedagogy For the Sake of Integration

L’shem Yichud: For the Sake of Integration is a pedagogy based on an ancient practice of intention setting.

Edward Magiste

Machloket-i: A Personal, Professional Development Program

Designed as a professional development strategy, this pedagogy of Machloket targets veteran educators asking to develop their teaching and ideas

Charles Herman

Loving Goodness: A Pedagogy through Individuality and Belonging

The pedagogy of Loving Goodness explores the tension between self-love and the love of the other

Robbie Gringras

The Pedagogy of Argument

The Pedagogy of Argument seeks to develop learners who are passionate about debates

Ilana Gleicher Bloom

Pedagogy of Kinyan Torah: Helping Students Develop Their Own Interpretations of Torah

The pedagogy of Kinyan Torah helps educators support all learners to find their own unique Torah within themselves.

Chanie Chein

Insourcing, Reflection, and the “Long, Short Path”

The pedagogy of reflection focuses on acquiring the language and tools to learn from existing experiences, habits and choices, at appropriate life stages

Dasee Berkowitz

V’ahavtah: A Pedagogy of Love (Learning to Love the Student You Hate)

The V’Ahavtah : A pedagogy of love is aimed to help educators love the students they dislike

Daniel Abramson

Hebrew Calligraphy: A Pedagogy for Developing Closeness with Text

Explore and experiment with Hebrew letters and text

Ari Weiss

Tokhahah: A Pedagogy of Loving Rebuke

Loving rebuke, a pedagogy that embraces disagreement, can be transformative and even holy.

Yoshi Silverstein

Jewish Place and Positionality: A Choreography of Pedagogical Practice

A Choreography of Pedagogical Practice - By engaging intentionally with spatial dynamics, Jewish educators can elevate learning through powerful embodied practices.

Jon Adam Ross

Pedagogy of Mutual Humanization

A pedagogy of mutual humanization places relationships at the center of the educational experience.

Jake Marmer

Contemporary Poetry As A Sacred Jewish Text

Learning poetry as sacred text can infuse educational spaces with intimacy and communal connection.