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January 2023

Insourcing, Reflection, and the “Long, Short Path”

Chanie Chein
Co-Founder and Director
Chabad at Brandeis and M54
The pedagogy of reflection focuses on acquiring the language and tools to learn from existing experiences, habits and choices, at appropriate life stages

Younger people, with less life experience, must learn necessary skills to navigate and live their lives. This outsourcing is a necessity in the earlier stages of life and the pedagogy of this process will be explored separately. At a certain point, outsourcing one’s choices must evolve into insourcing. As we mature, amass life experience and make more consequential choices, we must acquire the skills needed to unpack them, understand them, and be accountable for the results. However, embarking on an insourcing journey can be perilous, or cause ruptures. Opening up your inner world risks opening a floodgate and boundaries must be set in place to ensure the gate can be safely resealed. The pedagogy of reflection, of the “long, short way”, focuses on acquiring the language and tools with which to safely explore and learn from existing experiences, habits and choices, at appropriate life stages, through reflection and agency.

Chanie Chein co-founded the Chabad House at Brandeis in 2001 to engage students through relational and engaging experiences. She has created innovative programming, with a focus on growth, centered around conversations that address the realities and nuances of life, with the purpose of gaining agency over life’s choices and deepening a relationship with Judaism and G-d. She develops and oversees the social, educational, and Shabbat programming for hundreds of students each year and also nurtures alumni relationships. Chanie studied for a year in Australia, then graduated from Mercy College in NY. She lives in Waltham, MA with her husband Peretz and six children - whom she loves, up until bedtime.


A Pedagogy of the 48: Connecting Pirkei Avot, LIfe, and Learning

Dr. Gila Silverman

Director of Jewish Lifelong Learning
Siegel Lifelong Learning, Case Western Reserve University

This pedagogy invites participants to consider how the 48 different ways of “acquiring Torah” resonates with them

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L’Shem Yichud: A Pedagogy For the Sake of Integration

Rabbi Jesse Paikin

Executive Director, Base

L’shem Yichud: For the Sake of Integration is a pedagogy based on an ancient practice of intention setting.

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Machloket-i: A Personal, Professional Development Program

Edward Magiste

The Temple Tifereth Israel

Designed as a professional development strategy, this pedagogy of Machloket targets veteran educators asking to develop their teaching and ideas

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Loving Goodness: A Pedagogy through Individuality and Belonging

Charles Herman

Former Executive Director & Founder
The Nesiya Institute

The pedagogy of Loving Goodness explores the tension between self-love and the love of the other

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The Pedagogy of Argument

Robbie Gringras

Co-Founder and Co-Director
For the Sake of Argument

The Pedagogy of Argument seeks to develop learners who are passionate about debates

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Pedagogy of Kinyan Torah: Helping Students Develop Their Own Interpretations of Torah

Ilana Gleicher Bloom

Founder of Mensch Academy at Mishkan Chicago,
Doctoral Candidate in Jewish Education, Coordinator of Pardes Experiential Educators Program

The pedagogy of Kinyan Torah helps educators support all learners to find their own unique Torah within themselves.

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