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March 2024

A Pedagogy of ‘Life Meets Text’

Rabbi Jen Gubitz
Founder, Educator
Modern JewISH Couples and Temple Shalom of Newton
Jewish experience is the key to bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern content.

The pedagogy of “life meets text” (instead of text meets life) contributes to wellbeing by acknowledging the life experience — from wholeness to brokenness — with which people enter a room to flourish as learners and connect in community. Amid a world that seems to unravel more and more by the day, in our Jewish community, so many Jews are untethered from institutional Jewish life but are seeking meaning, connection, and community nonetheless. A “Pedagogy of Life Meets Text” creates Jewish learning experiences that bridge ancient Jewish wisdom and modern content by centering and celebrating a learner’s wisdom, life stage, or questions. It may just be the healing balm we all need.

Rabbi Jen Gubitz is the founder of Modern JewISH Couples, and runs the BMitzvah Program at Temple Shalom of Newton. Her welcoming vibe weaves learning, ritual and lifecycle experiences full of music, poetry, honesty and humor.Gubitz is a graduate of the Borns Jewish Studies Program at Indiana University and was ordained by Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (NY' 12) where she was a Tisch Fellow and wrote her thesis on Jewish death education for children. She completed an MBA-level entrepreneurship program through Columbia Business School and Glean Network and an intensive certificate in Family Therapy with Therapy Training Boston. She directed the Riverway Project in Boston from 2016-2021. She is the co-host of the OMfG Podcast: Jewish Wisdom for Unprecedented Times and her writing appears in the Boston Globe, Romper, Lilith Magazine, OnBeing, and the Jewish Daily Forward. Learn more here: www.jengubitz.com


Pedagogy of Nuance: Finding Comfort Through Storytelling

Devorah Levine Katz

Founder of Meshek48

The pedagogy of storytelling allows us to value nuance and new perspectives.

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Aura Chaya Bitton-Gispan

Founder and Director
The Harmonium Sanctuary and Retreat Center

To engage in Regenerative Torah is to enter the relational ring of a personal encounter with the Divine.

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Cultivating Curiosity: A Jewish Pedagogy of Wellbeing

Rabbi Paul Cohen

Senior Rabbi
Temple Jeremiah

The pedagogy of cultivating curiosity allows us to become better versions of ourselves through creativity.

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A Jewish Pedagogy of Creative Wellbeing: Connection through Wonder

Fraidy Aber

The Constance Wolf Director of Education and Civic Engagement
Contemporary Jewish Museum

Embracing the pedagogy of wonder can foster greater understanding and interconnectedness.

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Rega Shel Shtika: How Quieting Fosters Ethical Behavior

Rabbah Dr. Mira Neshama Weil

Founding Teacher

Reintroducing practices of silence within Jewish learning communities can foster ethical behavior.

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נענוע (Na’anua): A Pedagogy of Jewish Transformative Movement

Rabbanit Dalia Davis

Director of Pastoral Education

Using the transformative power of movement to feed the soul.

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