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January 2023

The Pedagogy of Mikveh: Removing Barriers in Pursuit of Deep Human Connection

Faith Brigham Leener
Founder, Base Movement and Chief Innovation Officer, Pardes Institute
The ritual of mikvah as a framework for cultivating inspired communication

The ancient ritual of preparing and immersing in the mikvah offers us a powerful framework for cultivating more honest, impactful, and divinely inspired communication.

Faith is a Base Founder and was the movement's founding Executive Director. In addition to co-creating the first Brooklyn Base alongside her husband Rabbi Jon Leener, Faith stewarded Base from its conception to the thriving network it is today, most notably scaling from two sites in New York City to fifteen sites across the United States. As a part of this work, she raised and leveraged over $15M in investment in the Base movement and led Base through a merger/acquisition process, positioning Base as a core program of Moishe House – the global leader in young adult Jewish engagement. She is most proud of her work championing the evolving Rabbinate and her contributions to the field of young adult Jewish education and engagement. She is an aspiring writer, feminist in training, mindfulness practitioner, mamma X3, and lifelong student. In March 2023, she will join the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies as the inaugural Chief Innovation Officer.



Aura Chaya Bitton-Gispan

Founder and Director
The Harmonium Sanctuary and Retreat Center

To engage in Regenerative Torah is to enter the relational ring of a personal encounter with the Divine.

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Cultivating Curiosity: A Jewish Pedagogy of Wellbeing

Rabbi Paul Cohen

Senior Rabbi
Temple Jeremiah

The pedagogy of cultivating curiosity allows us to become better versions of ourselves through creativity.

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A Jewish Pedagogy of Creative Wellbeing: Connection through Wonder

Fraidy Aber

The Constance Wolf Director of Education and Civic Engagement
Contemporary Jewish Museum

Embracing the pedagogy of wonder can foster greater understanding and interconnectedness.

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Rega Shel Shtika: How Quieting Fosters Ethical Behavior

Rabbah Dr. Mira Neshama Weil

Founding Teacher

Reintroducing practices of silence within Jewish learning communities can foster ethical behavior.

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Pedagogy of Nuance: Finding Comfort Through Storytelling

Devorah Levine Katz

Founder of Meshek48

The pedagogy of storytelling allows us to value nuance and new perspectives.

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נענוע (Na’anua): A Pedagogy of Jewish Transformative Movement

Rabbanit Dalia Davis

Director of Pastoral Education

Using the transformative power of movement to feed the soul.

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